Dae Sung works new contracts


Dae Sung works new contracts at the Sierra Army Depot in California

Dae Sung has been hard at work in 2018 on three new construction contracts at the remote Sierra Army Depot in California near the Nevada border. All have been awarded within the last year; the most recent, within the last week. Each contract has a different customer, a different scope of work and a different duration.

The first and largest is referred to by Dae Sung personnel as “Sierra 18 – Group A,” and comprises renovations and additions to four buildings. Tasks include lead and asbestos abatement, adding cargo overhead doors, replacing and adding new light fixtures, replacing siding and concrete ramps, and epoxying the buildings’ floors. This multimillion-dollar contract was awarded in January 2018 and is scheduled for completion in January 2019.

The second is a subcontract through Kingsley Builders, and covers vinyl siding and trim work on a single building on the Sierra Army Depot (#304.) Dae Sung anticipates completing work on the “Building 304” subcontract by mid-September.

The last, a prime contract through the Army Corps of Engineers, was awarded on Sept. 10, 2018.  Dae Sung is removing and replacing a fence that was constructed too close to a transformer, performing gravel work, and installing north and south gates to the railway tracks running through the Depot. Although the contract timeline sets a date for completion in December, Dae Sung is operating well ahead of schedule and expects to have completed all work on the contract within the next seven days.

The Dae Sung team’s strong performance continues to attract the notice of other potential customers on the Depot and we look to forward many more opportunities for rewarding work there in the future.